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This will be so quick and my apologies that I will only be sharing one, I have so many things to do the next several days but I just had to share this one of these sweet little boys from the other day. They were the most well behaved children with the most striking eyes. They are beautiful children such a dream to photograph. Thanks so much for spending the morning with me I will post more as I work more on them throughout the week!


And of course bw version as I adore bw but their eyes were too gorgeous to not share in colour. 



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Was another beauty that I was lucky to get to photograph. Yet again though it  seemed she was more  interested in Elizabeth than taking photographs! Ha-ha!  Comes with the age who wants to take pictures when you can play!  Anyways here is just one for mom and dad, I will let you know when they are all done. Thanks for coming over today and playing with us! 


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We went to Stowe Gardens today or attempted to didn’t realize they were only open Saturday’s in the winter coming from Alaska I keep forgetting this is winter. Ha-Ha! So We went for a drive through the grounds and found the Estate Grounds which were beautiful. We walked through the fields with the sheep and the cows it was an experience  for us all, I have never been that close to a cow it was alot of fun. Here are a few from our adventure. If you haven’t been to Stowe Gardens you really should go. I can’t recommend it enough. 

*On another note — If anyone knows of an old farmhouse or orchard that isn’t private that we could go photograph at there will be a treat for someone who can find me one 😉 I haven’t had much luck finding one that wasn’t private, so if you know of one or happen to have one that you wouldn’t mind me using as a “backdrop” drop me a line at marywarrenphotography@yahoo.co.uk I am thinking what I will offer is something in the idea of a session plus your choice of some free prints if you know of one just email or call and we will work out the details 😉 Thanks so much!! Happy weekend everyone! 





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Quick peak for mom, just saw this one and knew I needed to post it 🙂 She is such a beauty and I forgot how quick they can be at the 9-11 month age!!


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I really felt like with these I dug into my more artistic side with these and it felt great. I hope that mom and daughter both love them as much as I do. I plan to go back to this location many more times, it was beautiful and the owner was so kind to let us photograph on his property. It was perfect! 






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I always wanted to do a “fairytale” series with my daughter today was the first attempt. She was spirited and willful and did things her way. 🙂 We are going to try this again though this was our first attempt and I won’t be giving up that easy. I did get a chuckle from this one though Could she be anymore BORED 🙂 Ha-Ha!


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He was one of the first little kids other than my own that I had the great opportunity to photograph. I am very lucky to have made such good friends, especially ones that will let me borrow their children 🙂 He did so GREAT!! And was so much fun to photograph again!! He will be a big brother soon, and I look forward to seeing just how beautiful their new baby will be. Thanks you guys as always 🙂 Look forward to doing them again 🙂 

I never can pick colour vs bw so I chose to preview the bw as you can see he has the most gorgeous lashes and big beautiful eyes!! 

Thanks you guys! Had so much fun!!

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