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Came over to visit us and play and cuddle and take some more photos. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect model or more perfect baby.
This first photo was not my creative idea I took several takes on a photo I had seen last christmas along with some I have seen more recently and tried to make it my own with my own little touch. But I can’t take credit for the creative element. I hope mom and dad love it just the same 🙂

and in BW because I just think it’s a tad more dramatic 🙂





I can’t wait for you to see the rest you guys! I am so lucky to have you guys as friends and I hope I made all your trips over here worth it!!


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He really is a beautiful little baby, so sweet so adorable so perfect. It was another fun and memorable session, another wonderful family letting me capture these memories I hope I captured them well for you guys. Thanks so much for coming over, he really is a sweetheart!!






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I am in baby heaven this week I tell you! Couldn’t have had a better week if I had tried 🙂 Isn’t this little baby girl just gorgeous. She was sooo so good and so sweet. I can’t wait to see her again. Here is a small peak for mom and dad, then I am off to spend some quality time with my kids 🙂 









Hope you love these guys!

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And oh so very sweet 🙂 She could make anyone want to have a baby she was so huggable and love-able. The youngest newborn I have had the pleasure to photograph and such a little beauty. She is perfect. Here is a small peak for mom and dad. Thanks so much for coming to spend the afternoon with us. 



Here is one I couldn’t decide on bw vs. colour I love colour as her skin is so perfect but I am such a bw fan its a tough choice luckily I don’t have to make the final pick 😉 




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Was another beauty that I was lucky to get to photograph. Yet again though it  seemed she was more  interested in Elizabeth than taking photographs! Ha-ha!  Comes with the age who wants to take pictures when you can play!  Anyways here is just one for mom and dad, I will let you know when they are all done. Thanks for coming over today and playing with us! 


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We went to Stowe Gardens today or attempted to didn’t realize they were only open Saturday’s in the winter coming from Alaska I keep forgetting this is winter. Ha-Ha! So We went for a drive through the grounds and found the Estate Grounds which were beautiful. We walked through the fields with the sheep and the cows it was an experience  for us all, I have never been that close to a cow it was alot of fun. Here are a few from our adventure. If you haven’t been to Stowe Gardens you really should go. I can’t recommend it enough. 

*On another note — If anyone knows of an old farmhouse or orchard that isn’t private that we could go photograph at there will be a treat for someone who can find me one 😉 I haven’t had much luck finding one that wasn’t private, so if you know of one or happen to have one that you wouldn’t mind me using as a “backdrop” drop me a line at marywarrenphotography@yahoo.co.uk I am thinking what I will offer is something in the idea of a session plus your choice of some free prints if you know of one just email or call and we will work out the details 😉 Thanks so much!! Happy weekend everyone! 





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Quick peak for mom, just saw this one and knew I needed to post it 🙂 She is such a beauty and I forgot how quick they can be at the 9-11 month age!!


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