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He really is a beautiful little baby, so sweet so adorable so perfect. It was another fun and memorable session, another wonderful family letting me capture these memories I hope I captured them well for you guys. Thanks so much for coming over, he really is a sweetheart!!







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I am in baby heaven this week I tell you! Couldn’t have had a better week if I had tried 🙂 Isn’t this little baby girl just gorgeous. She was sooo so good and so sweet. I can’t wait to see her again. Here is a small peak for mom and dad, then I am off to spend some quality time with my kids 🙂 









Hope you love these guys!

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Yes. I am alive! Took some personal time but am back in the saddle. Here are just a few from a sweet little guy that I had the pleasure of photographing. He was every bit perfection, and I hope his parents are pleased with these.

On another note my time will be very limited for the next several months. I am always open to newborns at any time but anything that takes me out of my “home studio” will be limited for the time being. Thanks for the support and understanding. 

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And everything nice, she was so sweet and peaceful for us. A perfect angel. I am having a hard time picking a fav so here are several tried to narrow it down, so there would be some sort of surprise but she was just too beautiful to pick just 1 or 2 🙂  Thank you Nyree and Eric for allowing me the privilege and opportunity to photograph your new little beauty! It was such a pleasure, and I really hope to see you guys again!! Congratulations again on your new special little baby girl. I hope you are pleased with these and thanks so much for your patience today!!!

Happy girl 🙂 

This took a bit of effort but was so worth it! She just wanted to rest her head to the side. I can’t say that I blame her!! Thanks for the help you guys!! 

Proud Mom and Dad 🙂 

Big yawns 🙂 She was so sleepy and she was so patient for me!!

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She is as sweet as her name, which is what we almost named Elizabeth actually. She has the most perfect little lips, fingers, toes, nose, everything about her is sweet including her little baby purrs as she slept. I hope mom and dad are pleased with these 🙂 

Her perfect little lips 🙂 

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Meet this tiny little newborn sweetheart, who loved his mommy very much. He loved to smile as he slept, and loved to be held by his mom. He was very very sweet, and so tiny! It is easy to forget how little they start out and amazing how quickly they grow up. Here is a tiny sneak peak for mom and dad of their new little boy. 

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them!! 

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