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And everything nice, she was so sweet and peaceful for us. A perfect angel. I am having a hard time picking a fav so here are several tried to narrow it down, so there would be some sort of surprise but she was just too beautiful to pick just 1 or 2 🙂  Thank you Nyree and Eric for allowing me the privilege and opportunity to photograph your new little beauty! It was such a pleasure, and I really hope to see you guys again!! Congratulations again on your new special little baby girl. I hope you are pleased with these and thanks so much for your patience today!!!

Happy girl 🙂 

This took a bit of effort but was so worth it! She just wanted to rest her head to the side. I can’t say that I blame her!! Thanks for the help you guys!! 

Proud Mom and Dad 🙂 

Big yawns 🙂 She was so sleepy and she was so patient for me!!


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Just a tiny preview for mom and dad. Have to save some as a surprise right 🙂 Another beautiful family, who we have been very lucky to have met and my very first guinea pigs 😉 Hopefully they are not too sick of me just yet! Here is a peak of just a few of your gorgeous blue eyed boys!!


So just a few for you guys, hope you love these will call you when the rest are done or see you at school 😉

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He was one of the first little kids other than my own that I had the great opportunity to photograph. I am very lucky to have made such good friends, especially ones that will let me borrow their children 🙂 He did so GREAT!! And was so much fun to photograph again!! He will be a big brother soon, and I look forward to seeing just how beautiful their new baby will be. Thanks you guys as always 🙂 Look forward to doing them again 🙂 

I never can pick colour vs bw so I chose to preview the bw as you can see he has the most gorgeous lashes and big beautiful eyes!! 

Thanks you guys! Had so much fun!!

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Had the pleasure of taking some maternity photos yesterday morning, with a fabulous couple who kept each other laughing and me 🙂 Mom is gorgeous, and pregnancy suits her so well. and Dad couldn’t be a nicer guy! You guys were so much fun thanks for spending the morning with me can’t wait to meet your little blessing!!! Hope you love your sneak peak, I had a hard time narrowing it down. 

Thanks again you guys!

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She is such a doll, such a sweet and happy personality. She just celebrated her 1st birthday and I had the pleasure of taking her pictures.  She has the biggest eyes, with the most gorgeous lashes, she is such a little beauty

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Seriously he is one of the MOST handsome boys you will ever meet. Great big heart that I think shows through in his smile and that twinkle in his eyes. I also took photos of his sisters, but I couldn’t wait to post these for his mom and dad, he was so eager for photos. I look forward to taking more 🙂 Thanks for hanging out with us you guys 🙂

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Website up and running

Just a quick post to mention that my website is up and running  continue to check back here for more info and updates and sneak peaks. I still am needing images for maternity and newborn galleries, those sessions will remain free along with disk of digital negatives until Oct. 1, 2008 please contact for more information. Thanks for the continued support from friends and family.

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