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She is as sweet as her name, which is what we almost named Elizabeth actually. She has the most perfect little lips, fingers, toes, nose, everything about her is sweet including her little baby purrs as she slept. I hope mom and dad are pleased with these 🙂 

Her perfect little lips 🙂 


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They are total opposites of each other, Elizabeth can be so serious and silly and smiley. Gabe prefers to be silly 🙂 I wanted a more serious look from him, all I could get was silly 🙂 Silly is good though he was laughing at my silly jokes so I guess I didn’t help much 🙂 

He was trying really hard to be serious here

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My Favourite Nieces

Are visiting from Germany for a week, and we are having a blast. Taking loads of pictures, going all over looking at exciting things and places. Riding trains for the first time, and today going to feed some monkeys 🙂 

Here is Emilie she is just a few weeks younger than Gabe, she is so smart and so sweet. She is the quietest of the group of all of the kids Gabe and Elizabeth included. 

Natalie, all she wants to do is smile. She is such a love bug. I don’t think any of the girls can take a bad photo they are all to beautiful and love to have their picture taken. 

Kodie is the youngest of the girls, and has been so fun to have around she is always willing to hold my hand if no one else wants to 🙂 She is loving and caring and has the sweetest smile 🙂

I only have a million photos of the girls from this week too many favourites to post!! 

All three on the hill watching the sunset my favourite time of day……

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If you haven’t been you MUST must go! Absolutely gorgeous fields lovely scents beautiful. Took hundreds but will share just a few 🙂 

I am sure you can imagine with flowers there are bee’s there were loads of bee’s and here they are running from them 🙂 

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It was my pleasure to photograph this sweet little guy again. This time mom, dad and grandma came 🙂 You could tell everyone was so proud of him. What isn’t to be proud of one of the sweetest babies ever! Here are a few from this session. Hope you guys enjoy!


Loved how you can see proud Grandma’s smiling face! And look at this awesome baby onesie she made for him! Adorable! 

Thanks for looking!!

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Gabe adores Elizabeth and she adores her big brother. She smiles at him like he is her whole world… which makes me a bit jealous 🙂 But I love to watch them together. He reads to her, sings to her, plays wrestles, and just makes her so happy……..

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Some of the first friends I made here and the nicest people you will ever meet! It was alot of fun and I hope you love your photos 🙂

Sweetest little hands you will ever see

And the star of the show 🙂 

Thanks so much you guys! 

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