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Spent Saturday exploring for “spots” and locations with the Lovely Emma, my Elizabeth and Emma’s little brother Stewey. We had a blast! Emma really is such a great little model she just is a total natural. Elizabeth had fun playing with everything she could and Stewey had fun exploring with us. It was great fun, here are just a few to share. 

She wanted to do some “silly” poses I adore this one tongue and all 🙂

And last for now 🙂 I swear she can’t take a bad photo! 



Thanks as always for looking!! Happy Sunday!! 


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Three Brothers…..

Meet three handsome little men all have gorgeous eyes, and skin. All three of which have sweet little hearts and are full of personality. 

Conner as you can see is so thrilled for pictures 😉 He is also Gabe’s best friend since we moved here, been a wonderful friend to Gabe. 

But here he is loving his little brother, he is a sweetheart

Look at this handsome little guy he has the most gorgeous eyes…. and hair Ever! Elizabeth is quite jealous of his luscious hair! He is so adorable all you have to do is talk to him and he will smile at you, I didn’t catch one this time, but I will next time 🙂 

Tina and family I hope your enjoying your time at home with your family. Tell Conner Gabe says hi 🙂 Hope you enjoy these, and look forward to seeing you when you get back 🙂 

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I knew this would be worth the wait 🙂

Thats what he told me, mom come take a picture of me looking at Heaven…. He is such a sweet boy. I am so lucky and blessed for him and my whole family. 


I am a bit behind on my blog will catch it up tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 

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She is quite the diva. She can give these looks that just make me think I am in trouble when she is older! lol! She wasn’t up for photos really this weekend though we got a few. Gabe, didn’t want to have any. But thats ok, he promised me he will let me take some soon. Also want to give a reminder if you are expecting and want to book a session the session fee is waived till August, feel free to book now. I will honor this as long as session is booked prior to the last day of August. If you book by end of August but do not deliver till Sept. or October I will still honor provided a tentative date is scheduled 🙂 


This lovely hair bow was made by Kira whose family photos I took last week. She made me well Elizabeth several they are gorgeous love them!!! Elizabeth wore it for a little while but kept moving it and tugging to get it off. But she wore it! So Kira if you are reading this THANK YOU 🙂 We LOVE them!! Thank you for your kindness!! 


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Meet this tiny little newborn sweetheart, who loved his mommy very much. He loved to smile as he slept, and loved to be held by his mom. He was very very sweet, and so tiny! It is easy to forget how little they start out and amazing how quickly they grow up. Here is a tiny sneak peak for mom and dad of their new little boy. 

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them!! 

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The weekend is almost over and I am almost done with all the normal chores that go along with having children especially small ones 🙂 Happy Fathers day to all the dad’s!! I am almost finished with the Friday nights proofing. Here is a bit of a preview of some that are finished I hope that the whole J family loves them!! They were a great family, so easy to work with fun, sweet and soooo happy! I have never ever seen a more happy baby, ever! Lillie and myself had a great talk about the doctors office she assured me that they want to help you feel better, and you don’t always get a shot, so darn sweet and cute!! Owen, was a charmer with a gorgeous smile and gorgeous eyes! Kira and Kelly you guys have done a wonderful job with them, I hope you love the photos!

Look at Rosie’s sweet little lips! She was a sweetheart! 

No one was really looking at me but I loved the interaction between them so lovely

Thanks for looking! Have a great rest of your weekend!! 

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So yes, for anyone who knows me I have done this before. But last time was diapers 🙂 This weekend I am taking photos for another gorgeous family, enjoying the first day of summer break with Gabe as Elizabeth naps. Washing clothes, going through clothes that do not fit the kids anymore. Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning 🙂 First up was my daughters clothes since they are lined dried I tend to wash them first thing then move on from there. Saw a great opportunity to photograph something other than my children. So our favourite clothing is Matilda Jane you can find the link on here under most gorgeous clothing ever 🙂 Or click right here    . This is what she wore all week by far our fav ever, and you can’t beat the customer service!! 

Sorting through all her clothes today, giving away most of them. Need to make room for her clothes that do fit lol! Her room to say the least is a disaster though in the meantime while I sort what I wish to keep forever and what will go. Gabe’s is far easier he is so hard on his clothes the past year that before they are outgrown they are full of holes. Boys! They are rough, but they are fun and they sure do love their moms 🙂 

Here is what I did last year with Elizabeths diapers, in case anyone is curious 🙂 It started to rain shortly after they were hung but I will always love these photos of her beautiful diapers! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Will post from tonight’s session tomorrow 🙂 

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