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Slowly but surely it has moved, it has been done for a bit just hadn’t gotten around to updating till now. A special thanks to KimTown&Co for her help on this I was totally lost without her 🙂 Anyways for anyone still checking for updates of which I have been terrible lately here is my new blog be sure to bookmark it. Thanks so much!!! 

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This will be so quick and my apologies that I will only be sharing one, I have so many things to do the next several days but I just had to share this one of these sweet little boys from the other day. They were the most well behaved children with the most striking eyes. They are beautiful children such a dream to photograph. Thanks so much for spending the morning with me I will post more as I work more on them throughout the week!


And of course bw version as I adore bw but their eyes were too gorgeous to not share in colour. 


Sweet baby Grayce.

Came over to visit us and play and cuddle and take some more photos. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect model or more perfect baby.
This first photo was not my creative idea I took several takes on a photo I had seen last christmas along with some I have seen more recently and tried to make it my own with my own little touch. But I can’t take credit for the creative element. I hope mom and dad love it just the same 🙂

and in BW because I just think it’s a tad more dramatic 🙂





I can’t wait for you to see the rest you guys! I am so lucky to have you guys as friends and I hope I made all your trips over here worth it!!

Beautiful baby boy.

He really is a beautiful little baby, so sweet so adorable so perfect. It was another fun and memorable session, another wonderful family letting me capture these memories I hope I captured them well for you guys. Thanks so much for coming over, he really is a sweetheart!!






5 days old…

I am in baby heaven this week I tell you! Couldn’t have had a better week if I had tried 🙂 Isn’t this little baby girl just gorgeous. She was sooo so good and so sweet. I can’t wait to see her again. Here is a small peak for mom and dad, then I am off to spend some quality time with my kids 🙂 









Hope you love these guys!

2 Days Old….

And oh so very sweet 🙂 She could make anyone want to have a baby she was so huggable and love-able. The youngest newborn I have had the pleasure to photograph and such a little beauty. She is perfect. Here is a small peak for mom and dad. Thanks so much for coming to spend the afternoon with us. 



Here is one I couldn’t decide on bw vs. colour I love colour as her skin is so perfect but I am such a bw fan its a tough choice luckily I don’t have to make the final pick 😉 




Miss R.

Was another beauty that I was lucky to get to photograph. Yet again though it  seemed she was more  interested in Elizabeth than taking photographs! Ha-ha!  Comes with the age who wants to take pictures when you can play!  Anyways here is just one for mom and dad, I will let you know when they are all done. Thanks for coming over today and playing with us!